I am more involved with clay and colour, or the lack of colour.

I have been part of a tradition of decorative ceramics for over thirty five years, earning a living making pots. As the imperatives of my life change, I find I am in a place where I am better able to consider why I do this work and where my strongest values lie.

Why clay?

Why this intensity of a need from childhood to make things from clay, with no family history at all of making, or working within the Arts? I had a strong understanding of the creative use of language, which took me to two degrees in Literature, but always wanted and tried to make things, make forms, draw on the surface of things, as a tangible way of making sense of the world.

So now I am able to reduce the quantity and the content of what I make. The work in clay becomes simpler, more sculptural; it continues to be strongly connected with specific place, or location, but with an increased clarity of form and surface.

My painting now carries the emotional content of how I relate to the world.