I work with clay and colour. My Ceramics are a simplification of the world in which I live, experience made tangible between the base and rim of a form you can hold in your hands. My Paintings are an expression of this same world released into the complexity of colour.

Born in Essex, I moved to Devon to Exeter University and never went back. My degree is in English and American Arts and Film. I studied for a year in Toronto for an MA in Commonwealth Literature, then moved back to Exeter to start a Phd in the American Arts Department. A year of research gave way to a long held ambition to learn about Ceramics, and I moved to Exeter College of Art and Design for post graduate study.

The first Pottery in Cheriton Fitzpaine was established in the late 1970’s. In 1982 it was moved to Exeter, in the heart of the West Quarter.I have remained in Devon ever since. There are other beautiful places in the United Kingdom, but now I seem to be most firmly rooted here.

Life can be beautiful and incomprehensible and very short; I make the work I do to try and make sense of it and to share it.

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