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40 years being a potter

Porcelain detail
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Still Picking Bones
Part 1

The interview

Q. What’s the deal then? Why are you doing this?
A. It’s still compelling after a lifetime of making things from clay, one way or another.

Q. Explain?
A. There doesn’t seem to be any conclusion as to what it was one was looking for. Or how to make it.

Q. What was it you were looking for?
A. A solution. I want to find a solution and then make it as perfectly as I can, in the best way I can to enable people to see and understand and feel joy.

Simple as that.

Q. What was it that required solving?
A. How to connect properly with life and with being alive and with people.

Q. I don’t see why you need to keep on doing it though. Life is simple: look at the dog.
A. Ah. The dog.

Q. Did that not make things simpler? Provide a solution?
A. The dog and I are both still picking bones.

Q. You’ve lost me.
A. If I look at the dog I am more able to look and breathe and discover new tracks through the landscape. I can begin to see beneath those tracks.

Simpler, yes, but not solved.

Q. I repeat: why are you doing this?
A. Soon I will make the best, most perfect thing I can out of clay, then you’ll understand.


The medium IS the message: it was a clever understanding.


Porcelain detail
© Owen Tozer 2020