Laurel Keeley

Ceramics: land and marks

My large hand built pots are made from rough textured and resilient clay. They are made heavy enough to withstand wind and are resistant to frost, because the stoneware body can embrace the contraction of cold.

Nothing made from clay can be guaranteed freeze proof, because it is the freeze and thaw of mountains that splits rock. These rocks weather to become stones, which in turn are ground down with the action of water. These stone fragments drop through the water of rivers and floods to be laid in layers, which eventually with time and compression, become clay.

As the earth shifts across millennia, these layers of clay can be compressed and heated by the earth’s core, to be turned again to stone.

The clay from which I build my pots is returned to stone in the heat of the kiln. Briefly, I intervene in a perfect natural cycle and make something out of the earth.

I alter surfaces with my fingers, with knife edges and wooden tools. I add clay and remove it and layer smooth coloured porcelain clays over, to give image and texture. The surface is a story. We are the story.

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Fields side


Fields side – h54 x w25cm